Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mr. Moolman

This is Mr. Moolman. Originally from Durban, now lives in Tweeling, a small farming community in the Freestate. He likes tattoos and transports anything from animals to machinery on his truck. I can't remember what cigarettes he smokes but today he's probably smoking Stuyversant Blue!

Neels (Smokers Story)

This is Neels from Cornelia. He is 70 years old and a retired Coal and Asbestos miner. He's been smoking for 50 years.

Of Aardwolf & Magicians

Yesterday I started working on a story I want to do on smokers. Being one myself and having just got back from overseas where in many places it's prohibited, I began observing 'them'. Creatures of habit alienated from their natural habitat and forced to find new means of survival! After a beer at the Boh, Chris and myself decided to set off beyond Villiers and the Vaal River. We decided to start in a town called Cornelia and then head across the N3 towards Tweeling and then back home via Frankfort. After meeting Neels and his wife in Cornelia and enjoying a warm cup of home made soup with them, we met up with The Moolmans in Tweeling, shark supporters and fans of tattoos and wrestling and then met up with Ernst en die manne in a pub in Frankfort on our way through. There were about 6 people in the pub and just about all of them were magicians! I also felt a bit like a magician after finishing about 3 beers and a tequila in about 20 minutes!

Whilst overseas I came across a photographer whose work I wasn't familiar with, Peter Granser and bought his book on 'Coney Island'. His style of portraiture reminded me somewhat of Alec Soth and his work was in dead earnest. His portraiture borders on neutrality as he appears to be a mere observer, quietly going about his business in as unobtrusive way as possible. This I related to and really wanted to start working on the story in a real-life manner.

That's about it for now, so take a drive and see for yourself!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Karen Zoid

We shot Karen Zoid about a month ago for her new cd cover... We found an old fun-fair that was being taken apart and moved to Pretoria... There was some rad old stuff there and now there's some rad old stuff in our studio!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Winging It

I shot my first full length fasion editorial for SL a while ago right in the middle of another 3 day shoot for the Soviet campaign, I had no idea how exactly we were going to do it, so on the morning of the shoot after a cigarette and cup of coffee with Pam, we basically decided to wing it! Here is one of the shots that didn't make the editorial, but check out the rest in the August issue of SL...

And Then There Were Four

I shot some stuff for MTV and Nike just before I left, we had to start as the sun was rising because I was catching a plane in the afternoon... We were on the roof of the 19th floor of the Lister building, I only woke up as the shoot was coming to an end and seriously couldn't feel one of my body parts! Here are a couple of DJ Sbu and DJ Cleo, it was for a re-launch of the Nike AF-1 shoe that 'The Original 6' in the early 80's made famous... There were supposed to be 6, 5 arrived and then had to comp the 5th out, so here are 2 of the 'original' 4. I guess!

From The Goal-Mouth Into The Unknown

I've just got back from a trip overseas, I went for my best friends' wedding and after completing a rather unplanned speech and enjoying a quick jog on the football field just outside of Bath with the newly weds, I headed into the unknown territory of Germany and Switzerland for a bit of a break... I read a quote a while ago from someone whose name eludes me right now that 'The unfamiliar heightens creative awareness'. At home I see portraits, away I see the details and almost leave the subject anonymous... I don't know why this is or really what I'm rambling about! But here are some pics...