Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Bit Of This And Of That

Hello. Here's a bit of what I got up to this weekend. So, there's a portrait of Jan on a hike in the Magaliesberg, a portrait of my brother Jono playing some Guitar Hero. Oh and Sandra got a new horse this weekend. She's so excited, her name is Sophie Brown and the man standing next to her is a really nice guy from Malawi named Thambla.


sandra said...

gee, that is a good looking horse.

brnd said...

adorable imagery

bernd said...

adorable imagery

ram said...

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Lorraine Murphy Jewellery - Focus Gallery Nottingham said...

Your work is very inspiring.It also makes me a litlle uncomfortable, which is good!

putinsaid said...

I am really glad I found your blog - was blown away by the photos on Die Antwoord's website and wondered who did such an incredible job!

I now see you have some other fabulous work to check out. Thanks for sharing!!!
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