Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hope And Homes For Children

About a month ago, I was asked to go out to Hammanskraal to do a shoot for an Aids NGO based in the UK called Hope And Homes For Children. It was for their annual review and featured a few case studies of Aids Orphans in the Hammanskraal area. It was a very brief encounter, but I want to do a follow up story sometime soon. The group have set up an office and a few community centres that are basically geared toward looking after the children that have lost parents due to HIV/Aids. They are doing some really great work and I really loved the opportunity to work with them. It was the first time in a while I had done work of this nature and it was a great experience.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

8 Days Work, 3 Days Play

So, I'm down in Cape Town at the moment working on a few things and I had a few days off, so my girlfriend came down and we headed up the West Coast for some quiet time. Here are some pictures as my words fail me right now. So, listen to 'Sleepless' by The Decemberists and dream of the desolation. Goodnight.