Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rest In Peace

These are from a shoot that we (Chris Green and myself) did for Lucky Dube's last album. A really sad loss of a great man. Respect.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Melody 2

Melody 1

Hello. Last Saturday I shot a 'test' with a good friend of mine, Melody Kaye. She is a musician and model and stays down in Cape Town. So, whenever she's back we usually try and get together and this time we got to shoot together at last. I first shot Mel when she sang for the band Evenflow, but that was a long time ago. We didn't really have a plan for the shoot, I just wanted to try shoot in a different way to what I've been doing lately. So, the next few posts will be something new I suppose. Oh yeah, Melody is busy recording a new solo album down in Cape Town with a 'Swing/Big-Band' kinda feel, so listen out for it. K, bye.

The Light In My Darkest Hour Is Fear

Apathy scares me. A thick velvet curtain unveils an elaborate stage show with lights and explosions, dancers, horses (the ones that come from the circus) and thousands of pieces of back lit confetti. Stop-frame animations of origami creatures appear behind the madness. Balanced high upon a stack of speakers I view this world through my viewfinder.

It's seven thirty and I missed the talk at seven. "So, don't lose your heart..."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Alexander Koutny

On Friday last week I was fortunate enough to shoot Alexander Koutny's new range 'Les Plis Du Temp' (Temporal Folds). The theme for the range was 'speed', he uses the metaphor of people moving through space and time as the inherent concept for the range. See and read more here. He was out in South Africa for SA Fashion Week. The shoot was a lot of fun and great to work with the people that I did. These are the first couple shots that I've worked on, I'll probably be posting some more in the future.

Monday, October 01, 2007



I was asked to do two stories for SL on Oppikoppi. This was a fashion story featuring a few of the bands that played, Sweat X, Kid Of Doom, Kwani Experience and Tash Baxter. Really awesome weekend.

SL Wall

A while ago I posted one of the shots that didn't get published in the editorial. Here are the rest.

Aaaauuuwww. Shit Dawg.

An awesome couple days off with friends in the lowveld. Thanks all.


This is my friend James' girlfriend Alana. Alana's helped me on a few shoots which is rad. This is a shot I took of her whilst testing the light.

Out Shootin'

I did my first editorial for FHM a while ago. We shot on an old basketball court in Hillbrow... This is one that didn't make the cut.

Tlokwe Sehume

A while ago I did a shoot of a Traditional healers' band out in Mpumulanga and it was through this man, Tlokwe Sehume. Tlokwe is one of those people who fills the room with his personality and his vision. Tlokwe promotes Indigenous music in the country through his company Medu Promotions. He also conducts workshops in rural communities teaching children about Indigenous music and the craft involved in making the instruments. Read more here. This shoot was for his 4th studio album. We shot at his bands' (Medu) rehearsal space at The Pretoria State Theatre.


This was a quick shot for a profile on Johnny Neon in GQ.

Getting My Act Together

Cool, so, I've got some new stuff coming up... Been really busy lately which has been rad. But almost leaves one a little disorientated and suffering from what I hope is a temporary bout of ADD! So, the following posts are a few of the things I've been up to...