Wednesday, July 25, 2007

And Then There Were Four

I shot some stuff for MTV and Nike just before I left, we had to start as the sun was rising because I was catching a plane in the afternoon... We were on the roof of the 19th floor of the Lister building, I only woke up as the shoot was coming to an end and seriously couldn't feel one of my body parts! Here are a couple of DJ Sbu and DJ Cleo, it was for a re-launch of the Nike AF-1 shoe that 'The Original 6' in the early 80's made famous... There were supposed to be 6, 5 arrived and then had to comp the 5th out, so here are 2 of the 'original' 4. I guess!

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Jarrad Nelson said...

Hey Man

This is some really cool stuff!!

Shot for the props!!