Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of Beaches & Generators

I recently shot a campaign for Sun Coast Casino in Durban, we shot plates at the casino and then some models in studio and one model on the beach in Cape Town. After being rained out the first day in Cape Town, we returned on a glorious day, which was rad for photography but really shit in terms of lugging gear and a generator through beach sand. By the end of the day Jason and I were broken men! But with the promise of beer and these last couple shots I took of Armanda, all ended well.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Slow Show

A while ago, 2 very cool Wits students approached me about doing a short documentary about me and my work. The idea they had was based on a French film 'Le Jetee' made up entirely of still black and white images. After a series of very chilled meetings and interview sessions they had what they needed. We had chatted about them accompanying me on a 'personal' shoot but due to the fact I had to leave for a while on a job, they came to the very next shoot I had booked. They still may accompany me on a job of a more personal nature to add to the documentary.

I think they did a great job and it was a super humbling experience for me. They even threw in 'Slow Show' by The National for good measure! so thanks to Samantha Nell and Mark Middlewick for making it easy and doing something rad. Here's a YouTube link if you wanna see it.

This is a pic that Samantha took of me on the shoot. I don't have many pictures of myself and I really love this pic.